PSOBB installer down because of ARELH's shannagans, complain to him about why this is down...

7/27/2013: my name is 'todd' over on you may know me as 'Woggles' in game. Lead GM ARELH falsely banned me 7/19/2013 for testing a trainer that I examined to check out bugs and server issues as part of PSOBB dev, even though I wasn't cheating. Now he threatens to expand the ban just for asking why he didn't lift it on time, as it was due to expire 7/26/2013 anyway, and even though it was false the entire time. I was going to help make PSOBB better, working on anti-cheat stuff, server improvements, Crono114 was due to make me the webmaster of schtserv last week till this happened, now this is just offline till that is resolved. Go read while you wait to play PSOBB. You may not upload my installer anywhere, so use one of the older ones if you wish to continue with PSOBB. My installer is copyrighted and cannot be used till further notice.

edit later in the day: people noticed this message, and MIURETH also banned me from the forum for one day because I reported what was going on with ARELH and this issue when users asked about it. Link.

edit more details added after forum ban: Here is what happened with this drama. On 7/19/2013, I got a report from inuart (a now known ban evading user named Tsukishima/Valium Ion - even after informing ARELH, sharla/inuart is still playing on the server) that he saw some people using a trainer that granted level 30 techs to cmoders. I have an interest in this stuff as a hacker, and as an up and coming PSOBB developer who wanted to find out why these trainers / hacks worked and gain some insight to be used for futurue work to fix them. I went on to examine the trainer, joking around with inuart about caek mode and cheating with it. I clearly documented that I was just using the trainer to test with, one game. I didn't happen to tell inuart what I was doing, and he tried to frame me to get me kicked off the server. He is the guy "Dunban" or "sharla" who reported me for cheating on the forum here. Oddly enough, this guy told me he wanted to check it out, and he did this apparently just to get me in trouble. Before this ban was in place, I had already been in talks with crono114 and Lee about becoming the new webmaster for schtserv, and doing things to help with PSOBB dev. I had some ideas on how to add web 2.0 features, bringing PSOBB features to the website and tying in server features and website/forum features. I also had some ideas on how to fix the obvious server side issues that were allowing these trainers to work, because I noticed through my test, that the server wasn't doing any sort of validation on the state of the client or commands it sent to the server. Anyway, sharla made the false report later that evening. I was banned by ARELH after he said he'd make a recommendation to make me a GM. Crono114 was already almost on board, because they don't have a lot of game moderators or forum mods right now, and well.. this whole thing got blown out of proportion by ARELH. I look at it as ARLEH disrepecting me by banning me in the first place, then crono114 not doing anything about it when we had already made other arrangements. So I got the skype logs of our chats below, so you can see what was going on. I was clearly shocked and clueless as to why I got banned, I didn't expect it as I was merely checking out the trainer I kept hearing reports about - to gain insight and knowledge into how it worked. One thing I know, is that people on schtserv use a variety of trainers for a variety of reasons, they cheat, change their skins to NPCs, get extra monster and items stats, and more. It is common place to use and look at using trainers. But in my case, I was exploring the cheat mechanisms and functions of the trainer players have been routinely using.

crono114 chat log about becoming webmaster, helping fix the schtserv website, and the banning (from 7/21/2013):
[7/20/2013 3:59:49 PM] Todd Giffen: Hi crono114, I'd like to add you as a contact. Todd Giffen
[7/20/2013 4:00:09 PM] *** Fantastic Mr. Fox. has shared contact details with Todd Giffen. ***
[7/20/2013 4:00:15 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: There ya go Todd.!
[7/20/2013 4:00:41 PM] Todd Giffen: hi what's up? :) took me awhile, i was going to wait.
[7/20/2013 4:00:55 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: why wait? grab a snickers.
[7/20/2013 4:01:06 PM] Todd Giffen: i was off doing something else. lol
[7/20/2013 4:01:12 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: oh i see
[7/20/2013 4:01:25 PM] Todd Giffen: you got that registration fixed quick. that must have been easy :)
[7/20/2013 4:01:30 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: It was.
[7/20/2013 4:01:43 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I posted, I tried doing a backup a while ago, which didn't work.
[7/20/2013 4:01:45 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: That's why it was broken.
[7/20/2013 4:01:47 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Easy fix.
[7/20/2013 4:02:02 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: As far as information, the only thing they got, as far as I know.
[7/20/2013 4:02:12 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: was possibly the password for the ftp.
[7/20/2013 4:02:16 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: which has already been changed.
[7/20/2013 4:02:47 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: the database was wiped of passwords and are no longer saved onto the website db.
[7/20/2013 4:03:08 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: the only place passwords are, is on the actual server itself, which has a different password, and nothing has been changed there.
[7/20/2013 4:03:22 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: So all that should be safe still.
[7/20/2013 4:03:37 PM] Todd Giffen: nice.
[7/20/2013 4:03:58 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: As far as the site, I'm not entirely sure what the problem is.
[7/20/2013 4:04:12 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: As I said, I tried a backup, which failed to fix it.
[7/20/2013 4:04:34 PM] Todd Giffen: okay. i mean, homepage.. just isn't loading up? if it's there, it shouldload. unless script errors or something? or is homepage missing, blank?
[7/20/2013 4:05:42 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: one sec, actually
[7/20/2013 4:08:04 PM] Todd Giffen: tell me what you guys need done to the site. see it must be easy to fix. i mean, if registration got fixed so easily.
[7/20/2013 4:08:25 PM] Todd Giffen: i see there is that server stats code on the front page, probably the thing broken?
[7/20/2013 4:09:25 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: wow really easy fix
[7/20/2013 4:09:32 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: just realized something when you said homepage lol
[7/20/2013 4:09:45 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Someone or something put index.htm
[7/20/2013 4:09:51 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: so it was loading that before index.php
[7/20/2013 4:09:55 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: it wasnt supposed to be there
[7/20/2013 4:10:01 PM] Todd Giffen: aha!
[7/20/2013 4:10:05 PM] Todd Giffen: lol
[7/20/2013 4:10:30 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Wow, I just didn't see it.
[7/20/2013 4:10:42 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Oh well, at least you're helpful, unlike someone else I know >.>
[7/20/2013 4:11:56 PM] Todd Giffen: hey i still would love to have access to assist. i can update some miscellanous stuff, maybe like the links. the news. etc. just when needed.
[7/20/2013 4:12:22 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: atm Lee does the news, but would be nice to have someone always keep it updated
[7/20/2013 4:12:41 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: If I provided you with access, do you think you could get someone to possibly
[7/20/2013 4:12:49 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: redisign the site?
[7/20/2013 4:12:52 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: design*
[7/20/2013 4:13:22 PM] Todd Giffen: yeah we can work on that. i mean, there is tons of people on the forum that do graphics work and stuff. i bet we can work together, coordinate it with you and lee. we see what we come up with.
[7/20/2013 4:13:46 PM] Todd Giffen: i am do minor html work, php stuff, etc. i prefer the skills of other for graphics stuff tho.
[7/20/2013 4:13:57 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Yeah, no problem.
[7/20/2013 4:14:05 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Okay, how is this.?
[7/20/2013 4:14:15 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: You did a great job for the installer
[7/20/2013 4:14:24 PM] Todd Giffen: yes. :) ty
[7/20/2013 4:14:26 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Do you think you could keep it up to date?
[7/20/2013 4:14:32 PM] Todd Giffen: yes definitely
[7/20/2013 4:14:35 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Alright, so
[7/20/2013 4:14:42 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: What I'd like to offer-
[7/20/2013 4:14:43 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: is
[7/20/2013 4:14:53 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: For you, mr Todd Giffen.. . lol I think griffen..
[7/20/2013 4:15:16 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: to keep the site up and well, any issues, you can fix you fix, any you can't or need something, ask me
[7/20/2013 4:15:24 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: client updated possibly?
[7/20/2013 4:15:34 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: and possibly , get a redesign-
[7/20/2013 4:15:44 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: and.. I can
[7/20/2013 4:15:55 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: all I can really do atm for ya if you do this
[7/20/2013 4:16:02 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: is keep you on mr cat, indefinately.
[7/20/2013 4:16:05 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: and
[7/20/2013 4:16:24 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: perhaps provide you with in game items once every.. idk yet
[7/20/2013 4:16:40 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I'd pay you, but I don't have money xD and the server's money is all but for the server itself only.
[7/20/2013 4:17:23 PM] Todd Giffen: okay sounds great. i don't mind helping the community out. i don't usually go for payment for my work when i do community stuff. the bonuses are nice. i am just a big pso fan like everyone else.
[7/20/2013 4:17:35 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: likewise.
[7/20/2013 4:17:40 PM] Todd Giffen: i will enjoy keeping things working smoothly
[7/20/2013 4:17:40 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: that's the only reason I keep this up.
[7/20/2013 4:17:43 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: for the people that love to play it. lol
[7/20/2013 4:17:44 PM] Todd Giffen: yeah
[7/20/2013 4:17:50 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Lee does the same
[7/20/2013 4:17:55 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: even if he says otherwise.
[7/20/2013 4:17:58 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: he loves pso lol
[7/20/2013 4:18:41 PM] Todd Giffen: okay sounds good.
[7/20/2013 4:18:50 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: anyways, Mr cat I will definately keep you on.
[7/20/2013 4:19:06 PM] Todd Giffen: how are the GM positions holding out? got enough of those?
[7/20/2013 4:19:21 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: At the moment, it's all on Arelh' command.
[7/20/2013 4:19:27 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I made him chief GM in a sense.
[7/20/2013 4:19:35 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: he comes to me only to add or remove people.
[7/20/2013 4:19:56 PM] Todd Giffen: yeah i wouldn't mind an item or two. just let me know what i might be able to choose, like a 'thank you' and 'have a nice time playing' reward.
[7/20/2013 4:20:31 PM] Todd Giffen: okay. i got a girl asking lee about it. i was wondering if you guys needed help or not.
[7/20/2013 4:20:53 PM] Todd Giffen: but i am not terribly interested unless you need help.
[7/20/2013 4:21:49 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: yeah, I think we're okay atm, but would have to make sure with Arelh'.
[7/20/2013 4:22:13 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I suggest having that girl ask Arelh
[7/20/2013 4:22:30 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I eventually want to have a team that loves pso to help me out.
[7/20/2013 4:22:40 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: right now, I only have Lee and Arelh.
[7/20/2013 4:22:43 PM] Todd Giffen: so crono. i am gunna tell you. the psobb server has very little web based features. i am learning to code a bit, might take some time. but i was thinking about that, adding web based integration of some stuff someday. that might be what i contribute eventually. adding forum<->server integration, trading and item and character and web based account management.
[7/20/2013 4:23:21 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Sure, if you can eventually do it, I'd be happy to have someone learn more by helping us.
[7/20/2013 4:23:27 PM] Todd Giffen: k
[7/20/2013 4:23:31 PM] Todd Giffen: :) sweet.
[7/20/2013 4:24:46 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Well, I'll get everything set up, and get back to you on that.
[7/20/2013 4:25:06 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Should have everything ready later on, this upcoming week.
[7/20/2013 4:25:11 PM] Todd Giffen: alright well tell me what i should do. you wanna send me an email with server login details? i will use ftp / ssh to get a copy of the site. review it, get the feel for everything.
[7/20/2013 4:25:18 PM] Todd Giffen: k
[7/20/2013 4:25:18 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Just need to make a quick ftp and delete some stuff on the site
[7/20/2013 4:25:19 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: xD
[7/20/2013 4:25:29 PM] Todd Giffen: my email address is. xxx
[7/20/2013 4:25:40 PM] Todd Giffen: email me account details, or skype it. whatever you want.
[7/20/2013 4:25:51 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Alright.
[7/20/2013 4:25:59 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: There will be a lot of stuff on there still that isn't used anymore I'm sure.
[7/20/2013 4:26:07 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I haven't had time to go through and see what we do and don't need
[7/20/2013 4:26:19 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: so when you get it, that'll be the 1st thing I suggest doing
[7/20/2013 4:27:32 PM] Todd Giffen: okay i can clean that up, will archive it probably.
[7/20/2013 4:27:40 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Alrighty.
[7/20/2013 4:27:45 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I'll send you the details later.
[7/20/2013 4:27:54 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: any specific password you'd like or username?
[7/20/2013 4:28:20 PM] Todd Giffen: username. how about 'xxxddxxx' and password. xxx ?
[7/20/2013 4:28:56 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Alright, I'll work with that, if I need anything more on it, I'll add more.
[7/20/2013 4:29:48 PM] Todd Giffen: add more what?.. oh, password? sure. i was gunna say. i can make it a little more complex. or username.
[7/20/2013 4:29:59 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: either or, idk xD
[7/20/2013 4:30:07 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: username more complex prob.
[7/20/2013 4:31:15 PM] Todd Giffen: okay. xxxx? xxxx can be more complex password.
[7/20/2013 4:31:25 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Alrighty xD
[7/20/2013 4:31:37 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I'll msg you back with the details I used
[7/20/2013 4:31:46 PM] Todd Giffen: k
[7/20/2013 4:32:05 PM] Todd Giffen: btw lee says you suck lol
[7/20/2013 4:32:28 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Yeah, lee says a lot of stuff. Doesn't mean I'll react to what he says all the time lol
[7/20/2013 4:32:59 PM] Todd Giffen: he says you should get to work on summer event it's gotta be done no later than augst :P
[7/20/2013 4:33:08 PM] Todd Giffen: august*
[7/20/2013 4:33:16 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: already spoke to him about that, might not be able to.
[7/20/2013 4:33:24 PM] Todd Giffen: >.<
[7/20/2013 4:33:26 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: moving soon, don't th ink I'll have money to keep internet access
[7/20/2013 4:33:35 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: So probably halloween.
[7/20/2013 4:33:58 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: anyways
[7/20/2013 4:34:01 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I need to be heading off
[7/20/2013 4:34:08 PM] Todd Giffen: alright. have a good one man. take care.
[7/20/2013 4:34:24 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: See ya Todd
[7/20/2013 4:34:31 PM] Todd Giffen: i will have yulie contact the head gm about it. i might do it, as well.
[7/20/2013 4:34:36 PM] Todd Giffen: bye
[7/20/2013 4:34:51 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: alright, bye~
[7/20/2013 6:10:40 PM] Todd Giffen: hey crono. you can make the username more simple. if it is available. xxxxx or xx, instead of xxxx. lol just depends on what your server allows. cause my password is complex enough. prefer clean username. :)
[7/20/2013 6:47:34 PM] Todd Giffen: crono. account registration may still be broke. look into it. i posted on the forum. accounts aren't showing up on the server after registering. this info is on your forum post about registration being fixed. it says "you don't have an account on this server" when attempting to login. my username was "todd" then i tried "xxx" and "xxxx". GC numbers listed on final page. GCs: 25060912, 25060913, 25060914, xxx, xxx, xxx repectively. none work. in fact, i suspect the form isn't validating whether a username is registered or not, either. cause it says i successfully register my old one, that is already registered, with new GC, too.
[7/20/2013 6:55:37 PM] Todd Giffen: i will certainly look into it once my account is up. plus i suggest you do, too.
[7/20/2013 7:01:46 PM] Todd Giffen: btw if you need money for internet, i will help out. you say that is why there won't be summer event? what can i do to change that. :)
[7/21/2013 12:56:20 AM] Todd Giffen: hey crono. get back to me when you can.
[7/21/2013 12:57:04 AM] Todd Giffen: i am suddenly getting notice that i was banned on the server .. after speaking to arelh craven. i don't know what is up. i wasn't even playing when it occurred.
[7/21/2013 12:57:27 AM] Todd Giffen: he was talking about making me GM, after speaking to you. erm.
[7/21/2013 12:58:05 AM] Todd Giffen: you know i just donated $10, and now this totally is making me wonder why this happened.
[7/21/2013 12:58:26 AM] Todd Giffen: the website work as well.
[7/21/2013 2:34:15 AM] Todd Giffen: hey crono. i am gunna talk to you and lee, but i got banned by because of some testing i had done with a trainer yesterday. i want to talk to you more about it. it was completely accidental. i was playing with a guy named inuart/sharla, who told me about an alleged hack, some guy he played him. in the reported incident of hacking on the forums, it was made by inuart/sharla (server accounts) or Dunham (forum). i went to investigate this hack due to my desire to want to make the server work better, my work on schtserv. making the installer, I already had tons of ideas on how to make the game work better (web 2.0 stuff, server/website integration, better anticheat handling). i generally had been of the opinion that schtserv lacked server side validation of commands and actions of the client, and this is what allowed many common hacks to work without automatic detection by the server. i basically investigated this hack, ONE game I played with sharla, i went to inuart/sharla because he's the one that first mentioned it existing. i thought he was a friend. anyway, i played this game with him, without telling him what i was doing to check this out. i wasn't cheating, i didn't make statements to this guy that said i wanted to hack my way to victory, this guy made it up. here is a quote from this dude "A guy with whom I had sporadically been cmoding said he wanted to try hacking his way to victory" - shit, he totally made this up, and framed me, not knowing my intentions. i invited him along because i thought it was safe to test it with as a friend. i made some odd comments along the way, i wasn't pro as he said. this was a totally controlled test to gain insight into this, see what it did, how it worked. i used it one game, we died without any gain before even finishing the cmode as planned. i did make some comments about my insight into how this worked, that i thought the server should have ability to detect these trainers, especially these few that were being used. i actually sound quite dumb in these quotes because i was messing around, not really playing as usual. i didn't really understand what these two other players were doing either, which is why i just focused on them and their comments that they thought this was the greatest. i kind of told them a little about what i did and what it is I discovered, how it all worked, and it's capabilities. anyway I am sorry I used this, that I checked it out. but i don't think this should be counted as an act of cheating. i checked this trainer out, and didn't properly explain it to my friend inuart/sharla what i was doing before hand. next time i might decide to test it out on my own server, but really there is no need. i didn't use this crap trainer to modify anything in my character or otherwise. I can send you the log of my chats, whatever. there is not much there. i am a clean player, who only wishes to support the server. get back to me with some questions, find out what happened. this is seriously my first time checking it out, it was just bad timing in how this all happened. hope you are willing to believe and forgive, I did say I was testing it out to them in the chat log. he was kind of leading me on the whole game, like he wanted me to get in trouble. that's what i see my reading the chat log. i apologize for the confusion here. can we possibly talk about the ban, do you agree I didn't actually cheat or have bad intentions here? I seriously thought afterwards that there were ways to improve the server and make it so this couldn't work. that was my whole goal of examination.
[7/21/2013 2:36:00 AM] Todd Giffen: btw i have literally been a player at schtserv for 4 years. no cheating or bad behavior the whole time. i made the installer, etc. i also had a dicussion with Arelh tonight, before i was even banned. i told him about this cheat and the trainer, and how i thought of some ideas to fix it and make it not work. basically, server following things better, "is this a legitimate client behavior giving the character and client configuration" etc.
[7/21/2013 2:37:09 AM] Todd Giffen: he was seriously going to recommend me as a GM, i can send you the convos. i have the same goals as Arelh and you guys. i merely did this to examine the trainer for development reasons, NOT cheating.
[7/21/2013 2:38:16 AM] Todd Giffen: i told arelh that i was a bit of a hacker, in terms of examining things and basically looking at them to understand them better. i don't hack or exploit, i just gain knowledge and use it for better security, and better insight while developing things.
[7/21/2013 2:39:21 AM] Todd Giffen: i mean, you have to understand and examine them, to fully understand or get anywhere when it comes to the development of stuff. hacker is an ambigous term used for anyone who knows something inside and out. i am sure you know what I am talking about.
[7/21/2013 3:25:52 AM] Todd Giffen: night night. talk back to me, will PM you again about this in the morning.
[7/21/2013 4:28:35 AM] Todd Giffen: Crono, PM'd you copy of PM I sent to Lee. has most detail. read on forums. review it. did I cross the line or did I just make a silly mistake? >.<
[7/22/2013 12:04:30 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I havent' read everything yet.
[7/22/2013 12:04:56 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: My one goal comming on right now was to see if you wanted to test the account registration for me, and all this happened instead lol
[7/22/2013 1:25:49 PM] Todd Giffen: yeshe was saying something about it might not be permenent. lol i dk, cause i was sort of playing around with this. not setting a good example. idk
[7/22/2013 1:26:37 PM] Todd Giffen: i gotta talk to you guys about it. i can send you his convo log
[7/22/2013 1:28:16 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Zip it and send me it please. or ".rar"
[7/22/2013 1:28:23 PM] Todd Giffen: he was saying ya know, cause i wasn't telling people not to cheat, that was the main problem, even though i was sort of just joking/impulsively talking to inuart about that. I was mostly doing an examination
[7/22/2013 1:28:29 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: So the date of the txt does not ch ange.
[7/22/2013 1:29:06 PM] Todd Giffen: he hasn't actually said anything, yet, directly about this. he didn't say if ban would be lifted, or not. we need to find out.
[7/22/2013 1:29:30 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I mean the chat log of your entire day from that day.
[7/22/2013 1:29:45 PM] Todd Giffen: ok just a minute. :)
[7/22/2013 1:29:57 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: Alrighty, I'll review it over with Arelh as well
[7/22/2013 1:31:42 PM] Todd Giffen: can i send files over skype?
[7/22/2013 1:32:05 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: yup
[7/22/2013 1:32:07 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: just drag and drop.
[7/22/2013 1:32:17 PM] *** Todd Giffen sent ***
[7/22/2013 1:32:27 PM] Todd Giffen: okay took me a minute. to find that
[7/22/2013 1:39:12 PM] Todd Giffen: hey i did ask a question of morris in that chat log, i was concerned when i joined a game, i didn't know if morris was inuart's buddy Mirph@k as i played with in that game. I was playing later with Morris trying to see if he was Mirph@k cause i saw him with techs, before realizing in later cmodes forces start off with techs. he didn't have it obviously, i was glad. i wasn't trying to promote it when i spoke of it with morris, essentially i was just documenting and sharing what i had discovered with inuart. i told arelh i should have just checked it out on a private server, i was testing it out to see what it did. obviously not appropriate to really do on schtserv, but I wasn't legit cheating. i thought the whole thing was crazy, got some ideas on what might be done to fix it .. as i told arelh. that was my main goal/accomplishment.
[7/22/2013 1:40:33 PM] Todd Giffen: i was policing morris about it tho, i was like 'shit' at first. >.<
[7/22/2013 1:41:20 PM] Todd Giffen: um, i also meant, when i spoke of it with inuart and Mirph@k . not morris.
[7/22/2013 1:41:50 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: morris.. is.. nota?
[7/22/2013 1:42:20 PM] Todd Giffen: of idk. morris is just.. Maxis? i dunno his other nicks. he listed in chat log as Morris.
[7/22/2013 1:43:15 PM] Todd Giffen: but he was clean. i asked him if he got a trainer i was using tho, before realizing he wasn't using it.. and i never told him about it. cause i was investigating him and the techs he had. that's just why I asked him in the chat log about it.
[7/22/2013 1:44:15 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: oh, ok lol
[7/22/2013 1:44:25 PM] Todd Giffen: got my cat approved that day in chat log with lee about 1400 :) also bought lady yulie one
[7/22/2013 1:44:25 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: well I'll look at it a bit later
[7/22/2013 1:44:29 PM] Todd Giffen: k
[7/22/2013 1:44:29 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I have to eat o;
[7/22/2013 1:44:38 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: As far as mr cat, you'll be ok lol
[7/22/2013 1:44:39 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: see ya later.
[7/22/2013 1:44:43 PM] Todd Giffen: bye ;)
[7/22/2013 1:44:54 PM] Todd Giffen: sorry about all the confusion here lol
[7/22/2013 1:49:53 PM] Todd Giffen: I was going to point out next time i saw you that the registration was still broken. like the registration email not showing up. and the confirmation page is rigged, it always says the new acounnt was created even though it didn't really make it. i was testing it out, one of the first things i was going to try to fix as the new webmaster assistant. it even confirms registration when usernames had already been used and registered! .. I couldn't get a valid registration to happen, no matter what combo of email, user, or passwords i tried. another user reported that, too. have no idea if it's working for anyone.
[7/22/2013 4:55:38 PM] Todd Giffen: crono let me know. i guess it's just a ban because i advertised, when i was talking about it. it's 1 week ban.. but let me know man. still anxious to help, get to work for schtserv. this was just purely an accident on my part. impulsive tester and joking around about that trainer. you know..
[7/22/2013 5:04:04 PM] Todd Giffen: sorry for messing around with that, i totally didn't mean to cause any harm by it. hope things are still cool. :)
[7/22/2013 8:00:45 PM] Todd Giffen: hurry up and get back to me. i can fix that registration script that's broken :)
[7/23/2013 5:57:26 PM] Todd Giffen: hello?
[7/23/2013 5:58:13 PM] Todd Giffen: btw i am currently working on checking compatibility with windows 8.. the installer was already last updated 6/18/2013. what's going on with the ban/website? are you.. okay with everything?
[7/24/2013 7:39:27 PM] Todd Giffen: heya, it's buddy crono back from.. idle. :)
[7/24/2013 7:39:45 PM] Todd Giffen: or.. nm. do not disturb mode.
[7/24/2013 7:39:56 PM] Fantastic Mr. Fox.: I'm actually bust atm lol
[7/24/2013 7:43:42 PM] Todd Giffen: alright. well, i wanna get started on trying to fix registration. that ban is temp, unless you want to lift it earlier. what is up on that? arelh said he hasn't heard from you or seen you last few days. did you talk about it? we should just assume everything is ok :)
[7/24/2013 7:46:10 PM] Todd Giffen: still don't got ftp pass/etc tho
[2:00:10 AM] Todd Giffen: hello. i am back on psobb.. it's the weekend. let me know about website ftp stuff. shall i try to help or not?.. i may be a little turned off atm..
[2:01:48 AM] Todd Giffen: um, just checked, ban still in place even though arelh said it would be lifted friday.
[11:36:44 AM] Todd Giffen: crono, sort of felt the lack of respect today, so i took the installer offline. i also will sent take down notices to ISPs since I own the copyright if anyone tries to use it again. basically, have someone make their own, don't reuse mine. i was talking to arelh and he threatened to expand his false ban just for asking why it wasn't dropped. he goes "LOL" - treating me like shit for a week. i don't care that much about your server anymore. so. i don't even think you want help getting it working, he's power tripping over this.
[6:55:19 PM] Todd Giffen: hey, i did post some stuff over on the forums. i said i was waiting to hear back from you and lee about this. i can fix it as soon as you're back and want to chat. also told them i was still willing to be the webmaster and work on it since people are still wishing for something to get done about the registration script problem and general lack of maintainence on the website. i enjoy doing stuff like that, so if you want to resolve this, just get back to me. i am sure the community will be better off having me help everyone. i really enjoy setting this stuff up.
[6:56:17 PM] Todd Giffen:
[6:56:31 PM] Todd Giffen: about my installer being down^
[6:57:08 PM] Todd Giffen: people talking about registration being broke, my guidance to fix it, etc.
[7:55:43 PM] Todd Giffen: yep and i got banned from the forum for telling them what was going on with ARLEH. he went and bitched to MIURETH to get that arranged. anyway it is only 1 day.
[8:11:53 PM] Todd Giffen: they also deleted one of my posts where I was telling people about fixing the registration issue.
[8:13:17 PM] Todd Giffen: are you gunna intervene or stop your mods from doing any further damage? i also just donated $10 last week to the server. maybe that should be refunded if this continues. i got my response to MIURETH typed up, mostly just explaing why the ban was invalid to begin with. and how I didn't actually get caught cheating, just testing the trainer out because of all the reports i had seen of its use.
[8:14:12 PM] Todd Giffen: i am not putting conditions on my assistance to you guys, but because of the ban and way I was being treated, I took that installer offline cause I don't think you're gunna let me be a part of the community any more. pretty much not gunna get banned and treated like dirt for nothing, and still try to help people.
[8:17:14 PM] Todd Giffen: i don't think this is a big deal, but we gotta clear it up. it will come down to whether or not my assistance is going to be accepted or not. i am not pissed, not butting heads with people, but this ban is not showing me respect when i did nothing wrong in the first place.

Here is my log from my conversation with ARELH.

[7/20/2013 11:06:33 PM] evilvampd: Hola, Todd Giffen. Me gustaría añadirte como contacto. Arelh Craven
[7/20/2013 11:07:05 PM] Todd Giffen: hello. good evening. :)
[7/20/2013 11:07:37 PM] Arelh Craven: HEY, GOOD NIGHT FOR ME HERE ;D
[7/20/2013 11:07:44 PM] Arelh Craven: damn caps lol i hate this kb
[7/20/2013 11:07:45 PM] Arelh Craven: sorry
[7/20/2013 11:08:22 PM] Todd Giffen: you going to sleep?
[7/20/2013 11:08:59 PM] Arelh Craven: nah not yet
[7/20/2013 11:09:08 PM] Arelh Craven: im helping miu gming the server
[7/20/2013 11:10:29 PM] Todd Giffen: okay. i am sort of off taking care of miscellaneous stuff online. let me know if you need some information or what happens.
[7/20/2013 11:10:50 PM] Arelh Craven: thx ;D
[7/20/2013 11:11:06 PM] Arelh Craven: well, tell me, what's your goal becoming a GM?
[7/20/2013 11:11:13 PM] Arelh Craven: i need active people
[7/20/2013 11:11:17 PM] Arelh Craven: so hard
[7/20/2013 11:11:28 PM] Arelh Craven: the job is being alot only for miu and myself
[7/20/2013 11:11:39 PM] Arelh Craven: shadow is there too, but not always
[7/20/2013 11:11:48 PM] Arelh Craven: kamui too, however they are good elements
[7/20/2013 11:15:13 PM] Todd Giffen: goal. same as most people. i am on pretty much every night. i am getting more and more active recently. the goal is to just play pso, GM wise if i am actively involved in the server and how it's run i like to have access to help people you know, and being a GM goes second hand with taking care of possible server administrative tasks. i think i just fit in with that, i am not really concerned about the way the server is run recently, cheat wise, user wise, everything is looking to be running smoothly. but i suppose i don't have access to really monitor what's going on like a GM. I wish to become more familar with the game, so that is certainly a goal. i pick this task up like i would any other, done miscellaneous server admin before. ran many IRC servers, forums, websites before.
[7/20/2013 11:15:45 PM] Todd Giffen: i may adopt more duties depending on what you expect. if the GM role means keeping the server clean, that is certainly my goal. you know? i do what's required.
[7/20/2013 11:16:32 PM] Todd Giffen: i wish to be there when no one else is around. build my relationships with everyone. all that. i am really just geting back into the game, but i been playing about 13 years. 4 years of schtserv.
[7/20/2013 11:17:30 PM] Todd Giffen: i do have some ideas.. on how to make cheat detection easier. i think the server is lacking in command and user action validation. you know, it always has.
[7/20/2013 11:17:40 PM] Todd Giffen: lol
[7/20/2013 11:18:39 PM] Todd Giffen: i have also run UT servers before, game wise. but that was just my personal server. i have a lot of admin experience over all. pretty knowledgeable.
[7/20/2013 11:19:30 PM] Todd Giffen: i am also not sure what the current operation of the server is. it is pretty lax about user mods and all. so you tell me :)
[7/20/2013 11:20:39 PM] Arelh Craven: basically as GM you need to put order in the game, this mean watching out the lobby for trolls and spamers (warning, kicking and stfuing them), in game, you need to pay attention at the people playing legit and not using hacks (warning, confiscating items if its a minor infraction and ban accounts if necessaru, a GM do all of that by basically following what the rules says and of course, this includes the trades activities (nobody touch that area really than only miu and rufus and rufus report things if a gm thing need to be done there)
[7/20/2013 11:21:19 PM] Arelh Craven: also you need to receive reports and analize them using your best judgement, asl of this means sacrifice of your time playing
[7/20/2013 11:22:01 PM] Todd Giffen: sounds like everything one would expect. :)
[7/20/2013 11:22:19 PM] Arelh Craven: as for the technical part, well, yeah we need new commands, new helpfull commands such like the idea you had with the hack detection
[7/20/2013 11:23:09 PM] Arelh Craven: i told crono that would be help full to add the gc# of the player while you are checking a game in the guild
[7/20/2013 11:23:28 PM] Arelh Craven: you know, over that little window that displays the character name, lvl and class
[7/20/2013 11:23:39 PM] Todd Giffen: yes.
[7/20/2013 11:26:21 PM] Todd Giffen: you know. many of the common trainers could be delt with. if the server kept track of how much real damage was done to a monster, for example. popular trainer right now does 1 hit kills on cmode, and other areas of the game. obviously. the server should immediately detect shit like that, but it doesn't. it should detect if a characters techs are doing damage above what they should, detect if they are taking damage or geting more, many common things that aren't being checked right now. that is something that might take awhile to fix tho, like a years worth of coding and work. i am not sure what will happen, but i think the server needs to be majorly rewrote or improved.
[7/20/2013 11:27:34 PM] Arelh Craven: it needs to be updated
[7/20/2013 11:27:49 PM] Arelh Craven: i found out that optimus discovered an algoritm
[7/20/2013 11:27:54 PM] Arelh Craven: to make a new trainer
[7/20/2013 11:28:05 PM] Arelh Craven: such trainer is being used by the players right now
[7/20/2013 11:28:08 PM] Todd Giffen: is optimus.. broomop?
[7/20/2013 11:28:16 PM] Arelh Craven: anmd the antihack dll isn't helping to block it
[7/20/2013 11:28:22 PM] Arelh Craven: optimus
[7/20/2013 11:28:32 PM] Arelh Craven: well we can say, are they both
[7/20/2013 11:28:56 PM] Arelh Craven: optimus basically changes some stuff that is already added
[7/20/2013 11:29:04 PM] Arelh Craven: by bromoop
[7/20/2013 11:29:56 PM] Todd Giffen: here is the trainer some people are using. did you know about this site? broomop has schtserv ver3 hacked wide open, antihack dll is done. it doesn't do a thing. i guess optimus then has his own trainer on top of broomops? broomops is basic, has hardly nothing in it. yeah..
[7/20/2013 11:30:36 PM] Arelh Craven: yeah, i know the sites
[7/20/2013 11:30:45 PM] Arelh Craven: i fiollow every m,ovenet there
[7/20/2013 11:30:47 PM] Todd Giffen: erm, nm that domain is wrong.
[7/20/2013 11:30:50 PM] Todd Giffen: yeah of course.
[7/20/2013 11:30:56 PM] Arelh Craven: yeah lol
[7/20/2013 11:31:27 PM] Arelh Craven: ok in the part you are web master for schtserv?
[7/20/2013 11:31:28 PM] Todd Giffen:
[7/20/2013 11:31:33 PM] Arelh Craven: in the other part*
[7/20/2013 11:31:48 PM] Todd Giffen: yeah crono is setting it up now.
[7/20/2013 11:32:01 PM] Todd Giffen: gotta create ftp accounts and stuff.
[7/20/2013 11:33:51 PM] Arelh Craven: there is something important, and it is, what of the 2 jobs GM or FM do you think it will make you feel comfy to work? being FM is more relax and it only means to put order in the forum by reading comments in the posts and that will give you alot of time for work in the site
[7/20/2013 11:34:02 PM] Arelh Craven: and being GM, well you know now what it means
[7/20/2013 11:34:14 PM] Arelh Craven: but there you'll probably will be lack of time to share with the site
[7/20/2013 11:34:47 PM] Arelh Craven: while i can't find good people for gms, we will be basically 3 gms active
[7/20/2013 11:35:28 PM] Arelh Craven: keep in mind, if you are choosen as gm you will not to be FM and viceverse
[7/20/2013 11:36:54 PM] Todd Giffen: alright let me know what happens. i got plenty of access to work on the website, i am thinking the GM position is going to be my goal right now. bet there is plenty of FM moderators at the moment, they seem helpful enough.
[7/20/2013 11:37:44 PM] Arelh Craven: not really, the FM group is in the same way as the GM group
[7/20/2013 11:37:49 PM] Arelh Craven: vinebell quit
[7/20/2013 11:37:51 PM] Arelh Craven: leona quit
[7/20/2013 11:38:00 PM] Arelh Craven: issac is vanished
[7/20/2013 11:38:09 PM] Arelh Craven: only Ives and miu are active
[7/20/2013 11:38:12 PM] Arelh Craven: as well as rufus
[7/20/2013 11:38:19 PM] Arelh Craven: they are 3 basically lol
[7/20/2013 11:38:35 PM] Arelh Craven: in the gm only miu and in the full way
[7/20/2013 11:38:52 PM] Arelh Craven: shadow is too, but not that full as well as kamui
[7/20/2013 11:39:04 PM] Arelh Craven: but the FM group isn't mine :P
[7/20/2013 11:41:56 PM] Todd Giffen: alright well if we are looking to do more recuiting with both FM and GM, just put me down for GM right now. i am not ruling out helping with the forums, but like i said, i bet i already have quite a bit of access just because i am doing the technical work there.
[7/20/2013 11:42:46 PM] Arelh Craven: ok, i will talk to crono, i think you can be a good element, but i need to discuss it with crono first
[7/20/2013 11:43:31 PM] Arelh Craven: i know he gave the power of decide who can and who can not be gm, but if i decide to gm you, i need him to gm you your gc# in the server because only he have the tool
[7/20/2013 11:44:03 PM] Arelh Craven: i can add you in the forum, there is not a problem
[7/20/2013 11:44:23 PM] Arelh Craven: but lets see what does he tells me ok, i see you ok for this
[7/20/2013 11:44:46 PM] Todd Giffen: alright. ok. cool. i will talk to you later about it then.
[7/20/2013 11:45:04 PM] Arelh Craven: i let you know, keep me added here in the skype too
[7/20/2013 11:45:19 PM] Arelh Craven: i pm you as soon as we can have a response
[7/20/2013 11:45:23 PM] Todd Giffen: yep. figured i got you all added to skype. we might need to touch base here and there, working together.
[7/20/2013 11:45:26 PM] Todd Giffen: k
[7/20/2013 11:46:12 PM] Arelh Craven: do you have only 1 gc#?
[7/20/2013 11:46:37 PM] Todd Giffen: right. it's in my profile. 22730881
[7/20/2013 11:46:57 PM] Todd Giffen: at the moment, account registration broken. so i don't have the second account i tried to sign up for tonight ;)
[7/20/2013 11:47:21 PM] Arelh Craven: i tought crono fixed it o.o
[7/20/2013 11:48:43 PM] Todd Giffen: he fixed it, but it didn't get fixed. it only fixed PART of it. but now it doesn't actually seem to be making the account on the server, the webpage is just not spitting out the error.
[7/20/2013 11:48:54 PM] Todd Giffen: o.o
[7/20/2013 11:49:19 PM] Todd Giffen: i reported it to him already. he actually didn't know it was broken until we discussed it tonight.
[7/20/2013 11:49:32 PM] Arelh Craven: if irrc the account is active once you receive an email them you click in the link given
[7/20/2013 11:49:38 PM] Arelh Craven: oh i see
[7/20/2013 11:50:30 PM] Todd Giffen: hmm. in that case, the emails not arriving. but i also found out that, the account registration says you successfully register even if the username is already in use. i just think it is not checking or actually verifying it went through, but the webpage still reports it did go through.
[7/20/2013 11:51:17 PM] Todd Giffen: i made 4 diff accounts, two different email addresses, nothing showed up. accounts didn't get made, nada. other guy says the same. i confirmed it was all entered right each time.
[7/20/2013 11:51:23 PM] Arelh Craven: isn't the e mail arriving in the spam folder?
[7/20/2013 11:51:30 PM] Todd Giffen: nope :)
[7/20/2013 11:51:38 PM] Arelh Craven: also remember, you need wait 24 hours before make another account
[7/20/2013 11:51:41 PM] Arelh Craven: kdjljf
[7/20/2013 11:51:52 PM] Arelh Craven: dfdf /kick cronos balls :P jk
[7/20/2013 11:52:19 PM] Todd Giffen: yeah that might be true. shoot. :) but the 24 hour thing. but man you know i bet crono stilll has it messed up. everyone is blaming crono, lee said he tried to fix it before and messed it up. heh
[7/20/2013 11:52:58 PM] Arelh Craven: things happens
[7/20/2013 11:53:03 PM] Arelh Craven: they have a life too
[7/20/2013 11:53:09 PM] Arelh Craven: so i wont blame them
[7/20/2013 11:53:14 PM] Arelh Craven: i think they does enough
[7/20/2013 11:53:26 PM] Todd Giffen: yeah i am not ragging on him, they are joking to each other about it. :) i am just playing along.
[7/20/2013 11:54:18 PM] Arelh Craven: i also joke with crono,, he is like my bro ;P but yeah i know what things he could get around, so i just wait for him
[7/20/2013 11:55:20 PM] Todd Giffen: k. yep. well if crono doesn't get to fixing it, i am sure to take a closer look in a week or so once the ftp and ssh is active.
[7/20/2013 11:56:00 PM] Arelh Craven: ok ;D, well, i have to go, miu finished too so it is time to sleep
[7/20/2013 11:56:17 PM] Todd Giffen: take care.
[7/20/2013 11:56:20 PM] Arelh Craven: i see you tomorrow ansd pm you as soon as i can see crono around
[7/20/2013 11:56:23 PM] Arelh Craven: c ya ;D
[7/20/2013 11:56:27 PM] Todd Giffen: nn
[7/21/2013 12:52:01 AM] Todd Giffen: hey arelh.
[7/21/2013 12:52:05 AM] Todd Giffen: you on?
[7/21/2013 12:52:08 AM] Todd Giffen: ..
[7/21/2013 12:53:21 AM] Todd Giffen: did you just freaking ban me? o.o
[7/21/2013 12:53:25 AM] Todd Giffen: lol
[7/21/2013 12:53:59 AM] Todd Giffen: or do you know what's up.
[7/21/2013 12:54:31 AM] Todd Giffen: i was attempting to login just now, after doing some checks on the username account registration thing. it just says all my accounts are banned.
[7/21/2013 12:54:57 AM] Todd Giffen: i totally see this as a mistake, i cannot believe you'd do this.
[7/21/2013 12:55:06 AM] Todd Giffen: let me know what might be up.
[7/21/2013 12:56:09 AM] *** Todd Giffen has shared contact details with Arelh Craven. ***
[7/21/2013 1:15:12 AM] Todd Giffen: hey arelh i need to speak to you a bit. man i think a guy on the forum is lying about in incident that he reported. i did find his post. there is a guy named inuart i was playing with. he told me about that trainer, and i went to investigate it, as a legit player. i have been doing work on psobb development, as you know. i was investigating whether these cheats still worked. "A guy with whom I had sporadically been cmoding said he wanted to try hacking his way to victory" lol. i didn't say anything like that. in fact, inuart, that guy sharla, had just told me about this trainer the night before. i had never used it or cheated before. my accounts are very old, my characters all low level. inuart fucking told me he wanted to check it out. i wasn't do it for gain. i had no benefit to cheating, or beating cmode easier. you can even ask him, i had never used it before. i was investigating the mechasnisms of the cheat, how it worked, why. that's one of the things i was looking at with the server. how to fix some of this. just get back to me, i wanna clear it up, find out what i can do. inuart is dirt, he actually said right at the beginning, to keep using it. i was gunna just shut it down. i think some of the conversation wasn't serious, i was just testing the whole thing out with a friend. inuart and me had been doing cmode for the last few weeks. trust me, i don't cheat. anyway, ask me back, tell me what your response is. i had that nice convo with you earlier. i might be able to pull some convos out about him telling me about the god mode and stuff. we didn't beat our cmode, and died, and i quit and turned it off. these two dudes said they wanted to go through the test to see how it worked, it's the only reason i stayed and actually used it. i didn't realize they were lying to try and get a screen capture. just get me to use it to get the capture, when i wasn't doing anything but testing the trainer. here is the topic where this guy reported it: we played 1 game with it, apparently the two dudes framed me to just get me to use it for the game. i wouldn't have even played this game if it wasn't for them telling me to continue. i got on originally to see what the effects of the trainer were, how it was used.
[7/21/2013 1:19:02 AM] Todd Giffen: hey i was playing with those two dudes who seemed to kept trying to get me to use it longer. i was looking for mechenisms in how it worked, that was it. i said a couple of things, about my internal observations. "if i was admin, i could lock this down and get it not to work" i was just messing with them both when i was talking to them. they were saying I was Pro and shit, i basically not sure what they were saying or doing at that point. i didn't consider this shit pro.. that was retarded what i just went through.
[7/21/2013 1:19:39 AM] Todd Giffen: i don't consider myself elite or pro. i wasn't even realizing what a couple of deuches these two were.
[7/21/2013 1:21:59 AM] Todd Giffen: anyway, sorry for joking about the caek walk mode, too. i hope this is just seen as a misunderstanding. if i got anything to add from my logs i will forward it over.
[7/21/2013 1:26:19 AM] Todd Giffen: i do state 'we are testing' this. . . i defer back to my conversation earlier. i consider myself a hacker man, so naturally this time i explored the mechasnisms of how and why it worked. it's a security thing. i figured this actually aided in my knowledge of how the game worked a bit. when i say hacker, i don't mean for nefarious reasons. it's purely a statement some people use when it comes to understanding the underlying workings of something. it helps guide a person when it comes to designing software and fixing security issues. i am totally legit other than this encournter with these two. i played numerous games this evening without using the trainer I had tested. i also told crono and lee I had previously been looking at how to add some other server side stuff, web 2.0 features and whatnot, integrating server and website, forum and server account, other things. anticheat stuff is another target, i thought schtserv was always seriously underdeveloped, the cheat stuff shouldn't be possible. (as i had seen and heard about this another time before). i had just been looking to get some ideas to improve the game and server, i didn't know this was even fully possible.
[7/21/2013 1:27:59 AM] Todd Giffen: i was sort of laughing at broomops video i saw when i look this up. he was 'fuck you lee' 'you can't ban me' anyway man, i can't put you in my shoes, but i am on schtserv's side. >.>
[7/21/2013 1:28:11 AM] Todd Giffen: i thought it was kinda dumb.
[7/21/2013 1:30:05 AM] Todd Giffen: i was paranoid because as a legit player, i was just like thinking about ways it was normally detectable. i didn't understand why i was working. i wasn't super paranoid, i figured normally had the ability to test things out and discover how they worked, but i was sort of just talking to inuart like I hadn't explained most of this to him. i figured it was a joke. i thought the whole hack was crazy.
[7/21/2013 1:31:11 AM] Todd Giffen: he inuart/sharla did cut some convos out. maybe those will help explain it, i am gunna look it up.
[7/21/2013 1:36:22 AM] Todd Giffen: I just think the guy kinda is retarded. i thought he was a friend, so i let him see what it did. after I tracked it down after he mentioned it, i thought i'd show him the thing, since he had brought it up. blah.
[7/21/2013 11:24:50 AM] Arelh Craven: LOL thatwas you. wait, give me a minutes, i go to eat
[7/21/2013 11:48:46 AM] Arelh Craven: ok done
[7/21/2013 11:50:54 AM] Arelh Craven: well, you were not necessarily hacking and talking about hacking isn't a crime, at all, but i see a little mistake by your part here, speaaking much about hacks in that way will make to the people feel cusiosity by using them which is not good
[7/21/2013 11:51:57 AM] Arelh Craven: like i told you, it is not a crime speak and explain how does the hacks works if you try to help them, but like you see, there happens 2 things...
[7/21/2013 11:52:14 AM] Arelh Craven: 1.- the missundertanding in your words and actions
[7/21/2013 11:52:38 AM] Arelh Craven: 2.- your own words makes to the people feel curiousity to use these hacks and explit them
[7/21/2013 11:53:14 AM] Arelh Craven: that is why is not good to be talking like that about hacks in that way
[7/21/2013 11:54:34 AM] Arelh Craven: if you wanted to be like a guide for them, you had to avoid talking about hacks/glitches and tell them to not use them to take advantage, with that is nough
[7/21/2013 11:56:48 AM] Arelh Craven: we have so many hackers around like to make others to feel curiosity to use them don't you think?
[7/21/2013 11:56:51 AM] Arelh Craven: :P
[7/21/2013 12:04:30 PM] Arelh Craven: the real fact here is, you were runing the trainer, maybe not using it in game, but you were runing one.
[7/21/2013 12:08:23 PM] Arelh Craven: for make a trst to fix things may be, but the mistake here was that you spoke of more with random people
[7/21/2013 7:06:08 PM] Todd Giffen: alright i totally agree. i was caught off guard there, because i wasn't expecting it to mean much while I saw what that was about. I was doing quick in and out examination, but I was sort of joking with inuart a bit, YOU are right. i just didn't have the rules in place, i should have been setting a superb example to people. inuart is a pretty savvy player tho, he actually happened to have been banned already I heard under another nick. oops! I am sitting here kicking myself over it at the moment. in the future of course I know how to set a better example or to possibly find another way to explore this. i figure private server or not using it at all. i got a pretty good understanding of it atm. I actually think now I had no reason to use schtserv to see what this did, i could have found anoter way to learn about it. anyway, i don't got much more to say about it. LOL
[7/21/2013 7:08:28 PM] Todd Giffen: i was not treating this like official capicity, i originally intended to just hop on quicky, or i mean start it up, during the examination, hop on, and quit once i saw what it was doing. but i sat there with inuart and offerred to let him see what it did. i sort of tried to explain it to him, cause i thought he was interested. not in the cheats itself, but sort of what the whole thing did.
[7/21/2013 7:11:35 PM] Todd Giffen: i wasn't into censoring information because i thought he was interested in seeing what these people were doing talking about ..
[7/21/2013 7:14:16 PM] Todd Giffen: *btw i didn't hear about inuart being banned before till after my banning, i thought he was agood legit player before.
[7/21/2013 7:18:03 PM] Arelh Craven: sometimes the ban is droped due to an excesive bad behaviour or account checkings
[7/21/2013 7:18:21 PM] Arelh Craven: not only if the user is not legit
[7/21/2013 7:18:42 PM] Arelh Craven: or a person can be banned after join 3 warnings with 3 kcks
[7/21/2013 7:18:46 PM] Arelh Craven: kicks*
[7/21/2013 7:19:00 PM] Todd Giffen: i saw that, i did go over and examine the rules after this happened.
[7/21/2013 7:19:39 PM] Todd Giffen: inuart apparently had some trainer usage, hacked items, caught in his own screen shots with some cheats on, according to chickenfoot (who has been watching the guy/reported him)
[7/21/2013 7:44:11 PM] Todd Giffen: i will chat later. i sent the details on inuart to you by pm on forum yesterday. inuarts GC matches Tsukishima, chickenfoot says. it's the same guy. he did some trading, had a screen cap of a high spec'd heavens punisher, but it showed he had cheats enabled when he found it after chickenfoot examined it. Tsukishima does have a ban in place .. i was just passing that along cause chickenfoot thought it was odd what was going on with this report and my banning. i actually only tested this trainer out/investigate the matter because i kept seeing inuart discussing it, usually about other people using it. it was a quick thing, he mentioned it, then i decided i wanted to see what this was about before continuing. it was right in the convo, inuart cut that out. maybe i was a tad impulsive, it's true. that's an issue best left up to just better planning in the future, like i said.. private server or what ever.
[7/21/2013 7:46:56 PM] Todd Giffen: in the mean time i don't think i care unless i am going to dive into server programming. that was the idea i got from it, how might the server detect this automatically. i was amazed that the server doesn't do any validation of user movement or actions, to at least make sure it's realistic for a particular character and client configuration.
[7/21/2013 7:55:51 PM] Todd Giffen: it's a common exploit in a lot of software. sometimes a website doesn't make sure a particular webpage can be accessed if it doesn't expect a client will be delivered a link (people can manually type it in or send commands to it though), or sometimes the game or server just expects the client will never deviate from the standard behaviors. you know, it just presumes it's all correct, passes it along without validation. but that is usually easily fixed, the server has access to the character save data, it can make sure a client is moving properly, taking damage, and doing damage consistent with the characters level and stats, you know? that is all easily changed on the server, but it requires a new approach and redesign in how it handles and processes all the client data.
[7/21/2013 8:02:23 PM] Todd Giffen: i bet i know why lee hasn't done it. literally, it might take a good few months worth of development. and schtserv doesn't have a lot of developers for the software really. so it just never gets fixed or changed. but i got time, just really getting back into PSO. thought this was a project i was going to get into eventually for learning purposes.
[7/21/2013 8:03:23 PM] Todd Giffen: i been back playing psobb since 6/6/2013, after a few year break. so of course i hadn't had time to do it yet. :)
[7/21/2013 9:22:39 PM] Arelh Craven: he is dealing with others things when he shouldn't do it :P
[7/21/2013 9:24:03 PM] Todd Giffen: lots of work getting done, i know...
[7/21/2013 9:24:09 PM] Todd Giffen: other work.
[7/21/2013 9:28:50 PM] Todd Giffen: if this update gets done, the work i wanna do. it might quite possibly be the biggest change in server design for the private server in awhile. we got a pretty small community, not like the millions of people who play other RPGs with tons of resources and devs. i bet originally, schtserv just focused on getting something working, not so much in making it work flawlessly. this is sort of just add ons to getting the game working. building in stuff like i wanna do.
[7/21/2013 9:30:24 PM] Todd Giffen: protections, web features, etc.
[7/22/2013 1:47:03 PM] Todd Giffen: arelh. talking to crono. hey, were you saying that i was banned not because i wasn't legit, or due to another rule violation? I was wondering, because i didn't know if you were talking about me, OR inuart. you hardly said anything about the ban.
[7/22/2013 1:47:09 PM] Todd Giffen: just wanted to clear it up
[7/22/2013 2:49:33 PM] Arelh Craven: ofc i was reffering to you
[7/22/2013 2:49:42 PM] Arelh Craven: the ban was due to cheats advertising
[7/22/2013 2:49:58 PM] Arelh Craven: never about inuart
[7/22/2013 4:40:51 PM] Todd Giffen: okay. sorry about that then. i think crono said he was reviewing the logs on it.
[7/22/2013 4:43:34 PM] Arelh Craven: i havent seen crono in all the day, but i need to discuss some details with him
[7/22/2013 4:43:50 PM] Arelh Craven: as son as he appearse
[7/22/2013 4:44:23 PM] Todd Giffen: he was last seen 1:44PM here.. about 3 hrs ago.
[7/22/2013 4:45:24 PM] Todd Giffen: is this perm or temp ban? do you think we are going to come to an arrangement here about this? lol btw, he was just coming on to give me access to the website earlier, when he got all this stuff. :/
[7/22/2013 4:53:02 PM] Arelh Craven: yeah i know how fast its him
[7/22/2013 4:53:04 PM] Arelh Craven: lol
[7/22/2013 4:53:10 PM] Arelh Craven: and no, its only 1 week ban
[7/22/2013 4:54:47 PM] Arelh Craven: like leona wrote in the rules :P "if you says yo are hacking, you were hacking, suggesting illegal things even if you are joking, you will be banned, so wtach out your mouth"
[7/22/2013 7:34:01 PM] Arelh Craven: are you allowed to fix the registration thing? o.o
[7/22/2013 7:59:15 PM] Todd Giffen: he hasn't added me yet cause of his investigation stuff.
[7/22/2013 7:59:25 PM] Todd Giffen: i should be able to fix it yes
[7/22/2013 7:59:39 PM] Todd Giffen: i will be cleaning up the ftp, fixing that script if it's broken.
[7/22/2013 7:59:59 PM] Arelh Craven: i see
[7/22/2013 8:00:06 PM] Arelh Craven: ok, np
[7/23/2013 5:57:20 PM] Todd Giffen: was crono on today? what is he up to?
[7/23/2013 7:48:53 PM] Arelh Craven: idk
[7/23/2013 7:50:46 PM] Todd Giffen: currently getting ready to test windows 8 compatibility with psobb.. >.>
[7/23/2013 7:51:01 PM] Todd Giffen: might be able to fix the installer up a bit to get it working w/o issues
[7/23/2013 7:52:24 PM] Arelh Craven: w8 works with pso bb
[7/23/2013 7:52:33 PM] Arelh Craven: as it fdoes on w7
[7/23/2013 7:52:59 PM] Todd Giffen: rly? k. i see some reports on the forum of some kind of issue. i always suspected it worked..
[7/23/2013 7:53:32 PM] Arelh Craven: dot tkae my words wrong man, im trying to be evil with the people, but they are stupids
[7/23/2013 7:53:45 PM] Arelh Craven: if somethigs does not work, is not the os fault
[7/23/2013 7:53:52 PM] Todd Giffen: :)
[7/23/2013 7:53:55 PM] Arelh Craven: they simply move things here and there
[7/23/2013 7:53:59 PM] Arelh Craven: and makes the os unestable
[7/23/2013 7:54:03 PM] Todd Giffen: lol
[7/23/2013 7:54:20 PM] Todd Giffen: sometimes true ;) I know..
[7/23/2013 7:54:39 PM] Arelh Craven: like they never update the proper gpu drivers
[7/23/2013 7:54:49 PM] Arelh Craven: or install the proper tools for th games
[7/23/2013 7:55:00 PM] Arelh Craven: like framework or visual c++
[7/23/2013 7:55:04 PM] Arelh Craven: until the DX
[7/23/2013 7:56:21 PM] Arelh Craven: most of the time is just a matter of software update
[7/23/2013 7:56:38 PM] Arelh Craven: im under w8 playing games even pso bb, everything works fine
[7/23/2013 7:57:21 PM] Arelh Craven: it even works under windows 8.1 preview
[7/23/2013 8:00:15 PM] Arelh Craven: but there is just a little detail
[7/23/2013 8:00:27 PM] Arelh Craven: if someone get a blue screen under w8
[7/23/2013 8:00:41 PM] Arelh Craven: is not the os that is working bad
[7/23/2013 8:00:48 PM] Arelh Craven: it is the avast
[7/23/2013 8:00:55 PM] Arelh Craven: so if you will install w8
[7/23/2013 8:01:01 PM] Arelh Craven: do not install avast
[7/24/2013 6:17:21 PM] Todd Giffen: got win8 installed. it was horrible. cannot stand being cut off from my files and data, desktop. switching between apps is horrible, too. how do you like it yourself? probably not got a lot of issue with it.
[7/24/2013 8:43:53 PM] Arelh Craven: it is fine for me
[7/24/2013 8:44:03 PM] Arelh Craven: metro does not bug me much
[7/24/2013 8:44:14 PM] Arelh Craven: is just a matter of to be used to the new shit
[7/24/2013 8:44:35 PM] Arelh Craven: i will not to be stuck in the old way using windows LOL
[7/24/2013 8:44:39 PM] Arelh Craven: well that is just me
[7/24/2013 8:44:56 PM] Arelh Craven: but search around the shop
[7/24/2013 8:45:27 PM] Arelh Craven: there is an app that gives you back the start but and makes w8 work like w7
[7/24/2013 8:46:23 PM] Arelh Craven: start button**
[7/25/2013 11:34:19 PM] Todd Giffen: hardy har har har.. so that ban lifted for sure soon?
[7/25/2013 11:34:30 PM] Todd Giffen: like it started.. saturday.. ends tomorrow?
[7/25/2013 11:34:33 PM] Todd Giffen: no matter what.
[7/25/2013 11:35:04 PM] Arelh Craven: yes
[2:01:20 AM] Todd Giffen: ban is still in place. ? .. gunna help or not?
[11:03:40 AM] Arelh Craven: man, its still saturday, in the first place, the unbannings are never applied at the first hour of the day in question and in the second place nobody is in charge to apply such unbans in a full way since leona quit, however i have the power to unban people but i'll do it when i can can be at home after finish my work todya, so you must be patient and dont bug me with this or to anyone else of the staff with this ok?
[11:05:16 AM] Arelh Craven: nobody else can unban you atm than only i
[11:08:37 AM] Arelh Craven: if you bug more, i will extend your ban period + 1 day everytime you spam with that LOL
[11:27:39 AM] Todd Giffen: oic. not a problem i sort of felt i had an idea of how you were treating this. but till i unban, psobb installer offline. and likely i will get ISPs to do take down notices of my installer if anyone tries to put it back up. you guys find your own / have someone else make it.
[11:32:33 AM] Todd Giffen: "LOL"
[11:41:07 AM] Arelh Craven: that is not a problem, there is people that offered us in a voluntary way and without conditions 3 options to get the game for the server the last time, your installer may be necessary, but not essential, even yet, then i could see the way to make one, if you thought that with your condition you will get quickly unbanned, then you were thinking wrong, like i said, i unban as soon as i can and can be at home, patience is all what we need, otherwise, wait another day LOL?.
[11:42:30 AM] Todd Giffen: alright. you will get to it when ever. i am fine with that. take to you later.