6/10/2013: todd, the site owner has set up a donation drive and is seeking $1,000,000 for legal and medical bills. He also has a lot of information on the governments remote neural monitoring system, and electronic brain link. He was set up and tortured with a psychotronic microwave remote control weapon by the CIA here on American soil, he is an American citizen, and this was just wrong and illegal. He intends to sue the government to stop this technologies use and for damages related to his injury and torture. Please check out the site, make a donation, and help spread the word about this. Thank you, he appreciates it.

Site with news and fundraiser details: http://www.obamasweapon.com/
NSA Whistleblower Russell Tice and the disclosure of Remote Neural Monitoring, Remote Brain Stimulation, Electronic Brain Link, and remote microwave torture weapons.
Fundraiser and case details: http://www.gofundme.com/toddgiffen

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12/19/2010 As stated previously, there hasn't been much in the way of any leaks or special drivers for the Mobility cards in a while. AMD started releasing builds officially and everything else seemed to stop after that... been checking Windows Update Catalog and other sites, not a thing has been released or updated in months. There's a few gems here for some users including CATALYST 10.3 that supports some Mobility boards under XP, and these still seem to be popular for some who still aren't getting updates elsewhere. Might be doing something else with the site in the future...

4/13/2010 CATALYST 10.6? alpha - super new leak! Includes support for switchable graphics, AMD chipset driver, CCC, new video encoder.. version 8.740.0.0000! ATI-8.740.0.0000-XP-2003-Vista-2008-7-x86-AMD64.rar

Dell has also released a new FirePro M7740 driver based on CATALYST 10.2. ATI_FIREPRO-M7740_A01_R264270.exe

4/5/2010 CATALYST 10.5 beta non-WHQL certified? ati873driverpackage.rar

3/27/2010 Fixed some broken files that pointed to dl.strags.com. Forgot to create that subdomain during the host transfer.

3/25/2010 Two new releases are available. I have CATALYST 10.3 WHQL certified unmodified reference display driver version 8.712.0.0000 with full Mobility support, including Sony and Fijistu (more than the official one on ati.com!), and a new FirePro M7740 driver version 8.681.0.0000 from Dell.


3/17/2010 ATI has released CATALYST 10.3a preview (with display driver 8.712.0.0000). There are two packages Mobility users need to install in order to update the HDMI/WDM driver, Hydravision, and AMD Drag and Drop Transcoder. Install package 1 first for the display driver and Catalyst Control Panel, and package 2 for the rest:

Turns out there is no CATALYST 10.3a for Mobility cards - this was the final 10.3 WHQL certified reference driver they released.
Package 1 10-3_mobility_vista_win7_64_dd_ccc.exe
Package 2 ati_catalyst_10.3a_preview_64-bit_win7_vista_march16.exe

2/24/2010 Dell has released 8.692.1.0000 for Dell laptops.

2/19/2010 8.702.0.0000 (CATALYST 10.2) WHQL certified display driver for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 x86 and AMD64 editions is here. Supports most Mobility Radeon HD display adapters, including Apple Computer (works in bootcamp), HP (Envy 15 Mobility Radeon HD 5830), and Dell (Studio XPS 16 Mobility Radeon HD 4670). See inf compatibility below.

2/19/2010 A preview of CATALYST 10.3 has been made available. It contains non-WHQL display driver version 8.710.3.0000. ATI_Win7_Vista_Catalyst10.3_Preview.zip

Confirmed to support HP Envy 15 and Dell Studio XPS 16 - stay tuned, I have CATALYST 10.2 WHQL certified for HP Envy 15 w/ Mobility Radeon HD 5830 and other Mobility vendors including Dell and even Apple (bootcamp compatible) - also FirePro M7740 support.

2/16/2010 - Good news, ATI Mobility Radeon HD owners. ATI has committed to providing Mobility updates starting with CATALYST 10.3, which is due to be released in March. source

2/11/2010 - 8.700.0.0000 is here.

2/10/2010 - 8.672.1.2000 hast been discovered for select Mobility Radeon's from Sony and what I think is Acer.



8.690.0.0000.zip (XP/Vista/7 32-bit and 64-bit)

Looking for previously unreleased WQHL certified CATALYST 09.10 display driver (v8.661.0.0000) for ATI Mobility Radeon HD? Download.

CATALYST 09.12 WHQL display driver (8.681.0.0000) for Mobility Radeon cards is here.

8.681.0.0000.zip (XP/Vista/7 32-bit and 64-bit)

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